Go-To-Market FAST with Best-Of-Breed Applications for your OTT Video Platforms

ViewNexa™ OTT Video Platforms make native app launch as easy as one, two, stream.

ViewNexa™ OTT Video Platforms Stream Faster and Smarter

ViewNexa™ OTT Video Platforms are your ally in the ever-evolving realm of Connected TV (CTV), web and mobile streaming, offering a comprehensive suite of applications for complete flexibility and control over your digital video content distribution.

Organize, share and capitalize your content across various platforms like iOS®, Android™, Roku®, Fire TV®, Apple TV®, Samsung TV Plus®, VIZIO TV®, and more. Our cross-platform content management is the tool that lets you publish once and update your entire suite of apps with one single move.

Seamless Content
Management System

Effortlessly manage and sync your content across multiple platforms, ensuring a dynamic streaming experience.

Navigate through the nexus of content management with ease using ViewNexa™ Apps. Our platform seamlessly ingests content through live programming, MRSS, JSON feeds, and major video and social platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. The auto-sync "crawler" support ensures your content stays fresh and up-to-date with existing workflows, simplifying your streaming process from A to Z.

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Flexible and Versatile
Monetization Models

Maximize revenue with flexible models, everything from ad-based streaming to robust subscription and pay-per-view options.

Our platform isn't about one-size-fits-all – it's about your unique content finding its perfect match. From AVOD and SVOD solutions to TVOD, or a blend of them all – ViewNexa™ offers a wide range of publisher monetization models that are as diverse as your streaming ambitions. Whether you're considering subscription pay-walls, a dash of hybrid magic, or adding some flair with coupons, donations, and gifting, our platform is your monetization canvas.

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Wider Distribution
and Greater Control

Effortlessly manage and sync your content across multiple platforms, ensuring a dynamic streaming experience.

Broaden your presence with quick deployments on CTV, web, and mobile platforms. Our native app support covers popular endpoints like Roku®, Amazon Fire TV®, Android™ TV, Apple TV®, iOS®, Android™, VIZIO TV®, and Smart TV Platforms (HTML5). Simplify your process by publishing once and updating your entire suite of apps at the same time, giving you straightforward and genuine control over your streaming experience.

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Live Chat
and Private Watch Party

Real-time live chat features, private watch parties and synchronized playback for an immersive experience.

Engage in real-time connections with ViewNexa’s interactive features including our robust Live Chat & Watch Party features.

Live Chat introduces an additional revenue stream, enhancing viewer interaction with content creators. Users can purchase priority chat features for a personalized touch. With emoji support, real-time interaction during live events is taken to the next level, ensuring a dynamic experience with built-in moderation features.

Private Watch Party enables users to enjoy synchronized playback during private watch parties, maintaining engagement and connection with friends and family. Private Watch Party Support – Live Events + VOD.

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Robust Analytics

Gain actionable insights into viewer behavior and revenue performance with innovative reporting tools, offering a comprehensive dashboard for informed decision-making.

Gain innovative, up-to-date reporting on content and subscription analytics with ViewNexa’s data visualization and analytics features. Track watch time, average watch time, view count, and location from one central dashboard, as well as revenue analytics on purchase information, subscription plans, and coupon usage. The comprehensive dashboard also offers a glance at unique visitors, pageviews, video views, and watch times.

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Wide Array of Integrations

Effortlessly integrate with best-in-class partners across various domains, expanding your reach and enhancing your streaming capabilities without the hassle.

ViewNexa™ has partnered with a number of leading integrations including Mailchimp®, Google Analytics™, Stripe® and Paypal®. Our list of integrated third-party solutions includes email marketing, attribution, analytics, alternative languages, tax allocation, DRM, CMP, and payment gateways. It’s the simplest way to maximize your marketing funnel, increase viewership, and gain rich insights through strategic partnerships.

ViewNexa™ supports:

Email Marketing: Mailchimp®, Sailthru and Segment
Attribution: AppsFlyer
Analytics: Google Analytics™, Google GTM, Google Firebase, Hotjar
Alternative Languages: Localize.js
Tax Allocation: Avalara
DRM: Pallycon
CMP: Didomi
Payments Gateways: Stripe®, PayPal®, Authorize.net

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Amplify your channel management with the FAST SDK, integrating digital linear feeds seamlessly into your applications for extended viewer engagement and new revenue opportunities.

Future-proof your channel management with ViewNexa's™ FAST SDK. Easily integrate linear TV experiences into your interfaces across web, mobile, and CTV. Scale distribution, drive longer viewing sessions, and create revenue opportunities through advertising. FAST SDK is available for web, Android, and Android TV applications, with Roku, Apple (tvOS and iOS), and more platforms to be added soon.

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