FAST and Live Content Distribution
with ViewNexa™ Channels

Effortlessly build your live and linear FAST channels with speed and convenience on the ViewNexa™ platform, ensuring fast and live content distribution.

Our Customizable
Channel Solutions

Effortlessly launch live and on-demand FAST channels with ViewNexa™ Channels, streamlining linear channel creation. Our solution takes the guesswork out of the equation, ensuring a seamless viewing experience that’s complemented by innovative server-side ad insertion (SSAI) technology for targeted ad delivery as well as intelligent dynamic categorization and playlisting features to enhance content organization and viewer engagement.

ViewNexa™ Channels’ versatile toolkit puts your content distribution in the FAST lane with integrated Live and FAST linear channel creation. Tailored for today’s modern CTV, web, and mobile devices, our solution forms a cohesive ecosystem with other ViewNexa™ offerings with features ranging from robust analytics and reporting tools to an intuitive interface that elevates your content distribution capabilities.

Experience seamless content distribution and monetization with ViewNexa’s™ FAST and Live content distribution channels.

Live Stream Management

Live stream management ensuring a consistent, buffer-free view on all devices, easily integrating with FAST and App products.

ViewNexa™ Channels transform live streaming into a thing of beauty, delivering broadcast-quality management for a seamless, pause-free, and buffer-free viewing journey across all devices.

Unparalleled Viewing Experience

Experience uninterrupted streaming with a smooth, buffer-free flow on any device, ensuring consistent premium quality across various environments. Adaptive bitrate streaming adds flexibility and responsiveness to your viewing, while configurable geo-restrictions enable personalized access for each live program.

Cut to Live Anytime with Event-Based Live

Seamlessly shift from on-demand content with the "Break to Live" feature, requiring no interaction from the publisher. Integration is smooth into both VOD and FAST linear viewing experiences, while automated viewer messaging ensures seamless switches between live and programmed content. Dynamic VOD ad breaks eliminate any awkward 'dead air' or 'coming soon' slates.

Integrate into Your Existing Workflows

Streamline your workflow with a broadcast-quality experience, effortlessly managing live streams with our manual SCTE-35 insertion dashboard for streams without embedded SCTE markers. Simplify control and elevate your streaming experience with ViewNexa™ Channels.

Robust Advertising Support

Enhance your ad strategy by replacing live broadcast ads with digital counterparts using SCTE-35 markers. Keep a close eye on live stream health and SCTE marker insertion with our live streaming monitoring dashboard.

FAST Syndication with the
ViewNexa™ Channels

Build dynamic linear channels in seconds with our powerful tools, automating programming for seamless content stitching.

Integrate live streaming into your website, apps, and linear feeds with confidence and consistency thanks to the effortless compatibility of ViewNexa™ Channels with our Apps products.

Linear Channel Creation / FAST Syndication

Our dynamic features include rules-based playlisting, smart categorization, and nested blocks of dynamic content seamlessly stitched together. Enjoy automated graphic transitions and bumper insertion for a polished viewing experience.

Next-GEN FAST Channel Syndication

Experience the future of channel syndication with ViewNexa™ Channels. From dynamic linear channels and break-to-live VOD to location-based content, our channels suite includes a wide range of features to fast-track syndication. Efficiently assemble and distribute channels swiftly to a vast network of partners, utilizing robust tools for complete automation and precise programming.

FAST Channels in Seconds

Set up channels in seconds, allowing them to self-program with new content additions. Take your content strategy to the next level with automated content assembly, graphic transitions, and personalized sessions. With adaptive bitrate streaming and configurable geo-restrictions, seamlessly cut to live anytime with manual markers or time-based programming, all without viewer interaction and automated viewer messaging.

Distribution Network

Modernize content reach with our expansive network of 100+ partners, including Samsung TV Plus®, Amazon Fire TV®, Roku®, Tubi®, VIZIO®, Sling TV®.

ViewNexa™ Channels extends its reach through an extensive constellation of over 100 distribution partners. ViewNexa™ Channels transform live streaming into a thing of beauty, delivering broadcast-quality management for a seamless, pause-free, and buffer-free viewing journey across all devices. Seamlessly integrate live streaming into your website, apps, and linear feeds with confidence and consistency thanks to the effortless compatibility of ViewNexa™ Channels with our Apps products.

Our ViewNexa™ FAST actively delivers customer feeds to notable news aggregators like VUit™, Haystack™, Local Now™, and NewsON™, with additional support for distribution to other news-centric aggregators such as Yahoo! News™, Apple News®, SmartNews™, and Flipboard™.

Monetization Support
for AVOD Advertising

Maximize AVOD support, seamlessly integrating with leading ad platforms to enhance the effectiveness of pre-roll and mid-roll ad campaigns. 

Monetization made easy - ViewNexa™ Channels integrates with major video ad platforms, facilitating the implementation of pre-roll and mid-roll ads throughout the entire streaming service. Our AVOD solution supports any video or streaming service with a diverse range of advertising options with detailed targeting and precision.

Our robust advertising support amplifies your digital content strategy, allowing the replacement of live broadcast ads with digital counterparts through SCTE-35 markers. The live streaming monitoring dashboard ensures a vigilant eye on stream health and SCTE marker insertion. With manual ad break creation for live programming, support for both client-side and server-side ad insertion, ad server agnosticism, ad blocker resistance, and automatic transitions from CSAI to SSAI based on ad blocker detection, your monetization endeavors can always depend on ViewNexa™ Channels to deliver.

Comprehensive Analytics

Gain insights with comprehensive metrics on session counts, average duration, video views, and more.

ViewNexa™ Channels extends valuable insights to content providers, offering linear feeds for integration into their proprietary apps or distribution to third-party partners through FAST/Syndication. The analytics landscape in ViewNexa™ Channels is tailored to focus on video stream data.

Our interactive Analytics Dashboard presents a wealth of metrics, featuring session counts, average session durations, and video views per day, all meticulously broken down by ViewNexa™ Channels. Learn all about metrics like total video hours viewed, a showcase of the most popular channels, and a granular breakdown of video views by asset type, whether content or ads. The dashboard also includes data on interstitial video delivery, offering concise slates that inform viewers about upcoming live streams or pre-recorded content. This comprehensive analytics suite empowers content providers with actionable data for informed decision-making and enhanced user experiences.

Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI)

Improve user experience with SSAI features, offering seamless ad transitions, enhanced targeting, and increased ad-fill rates.

SSAI, or Server-Side Ad Insertion, stands as a beacon of advantages for both content publishers and advertisers within the realm of online video streaming. This innovative technology orchestrates a harmonious ad experience, ensuring fluid transitions and personalized targeting.

Its prowess extends to increasing ad-fill rates, accommodating various viewing devices like CTVs, mobile, and computers, and reducing bandwidth consumption for optimized streaming. With precise tracking of ad viewability and completion rates, SSAI not only navigates ad-blocking challenges but also establishes a trustworthy solution. This dynamic synergy benefits content publishers and advertisers, unlocking new potentials in revenue generation, while delivering viewers a more enriched and engaging streaming experience.

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