Future-Proof Your Streaming Strategy with ViewNexa™

ViewNexa™ empowers broadcasters and publishers with the A to Z of video content distribution.

Your Solution for Streamlined Content Management and Distribution

ViewNexa™ by Bitcentral has created a dynamic approach to manage, distribute, and monetize your content across various websites, applications, and FAST partnerships.

Our integrated video workflow platform offers a solution for efficient content distribution across multiple partnerships, reducing vendor fatigue in the OTT/CTV market.

With ViewNexa™, our end-to-end video workflow helps content creators and businesses navigate their way through streaming, by simplifying engineering complexities, and expediting time to market, making it easier to establish a successful and diverse video streaming business.

With over two decades of invaluable experience in the broadcast industry, Bitcentral has established a proven track record of service excellence, positioning ViewNexa™ at the forefront of streaming innovation.

The Whole Streaming Package for Modern Digital Video Businesses 

ViewNexa™ enables content producers and distributors to easily ingest, organize, distribute, and monetize video content across an expansive digital landscape.

Whether you’re eyeing a native app on Roku® or Samsung®; crafting a linear channel for Plex TV® or VIZIO TV®; exploring ad-supported or transaction-based revenue streams, ViewNexa™ has your back.

Monetization for Publishers and Broadcasters

ViewNexa™ provides flexible monetization solutions to meet the needs of publishers and broadcasters. Our options include Advertising Video On Demand (AVOD), Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD), Pay-Per-View (PPV), as well as other hybrid models.

ViewNexa™ gives you subscription, rental, purchase and advertising tools to maximize earnings and improve your monetization strategy. You can seamlessly integrate leading ad platforms, third-party networks, and leverage national partnerships to boost your ad revenue. Our platform simplifies payment management with multiple gateways. Another stream in the piggy-bank.

Create Live and On-Demand FAST Channels with Ease

ViewNexa™ Channels delivers a comprehensive toolkit for publishers and broadcasters to create live and linear channels – FAST. With its wealth of features, ViewNexa™ elevates your content distribution capabilities to soaring heights.

Robust analytics provide valuable insights into consumer behavior, complete with intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface that makes content management, scheduling, and delivery across multiple platforms effortlessly smooth. This versatile product seamlessly integrates with other offerings, creating a cohesive ecosystem for streamlined content distribution.

Empower Your Native App Journey with ViewNexa™

Launching native applications has never been easier thanks to ViewNexa™ Apps. Organize, share, and monetize your content across a wide range of platforms, including iOS®, Android™, Roku®, FireTV®, Apple TV®, Samsung TV Plus®, VIZIO TV®, and more.

Our solution gives your users the flexibility to subscribe, rent, purchase, or enjoy content with various advertising choices, all managed through our native payment system. ViewNexa™ Apps provides a simplified approach to future-proofing your video business.

Your Partner for Effective Content Management and Distribution

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